Recommended Links

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is our intent to only recommend websites that demonstrate doctrinal soundness.  However, circumstances at individual sites can change without our awareness.  It is recommended that you always examine carefully the doctrinal integrity of the material presented at any website you might use.

Excellent resource site for sermon and bulletin material

Excellent reference site for material on Christian evidences and the Creation/Evolution controversy, from both a scientific and a Biblical perspective.

Glynn Langston, Insight International, worldwide ministry to the blind:

Extensive list of directories of congregations and websites among Churches of Christ


Kearney, NE -

Olathe, KS -

Gilbert, AZ -          


    The following four web sites are Bible studies.  The first one is It is an interactive Bible study course entitled: "Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" consisting of 25 lessons.

    The second web site is It is an interactive Bible study course entitled "Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?" consisting of 24 lessons.

    The third web site is  It is entitled: "How To Do Personal Evangelism".  It is a 11 lesson course on how to do personal evangelism and includes a 3 lesson Bible study course you can down-load, print, and use to teach others.

    The fourth web site is  It is entitled: "Bible Class Lessons" and has a number of Bible study lessons which are sound in doctrine and suitable for use in Junior High, High School and Adult Bible classes.